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Top tips for Gardening in January

Loads of our friends ask how we know what to do when in the garden. In these new series of gardening tips posts, each month we will look at the top tips for that particular month. We'll be looking at how to use your flower seeds and vegetable seeds. What to plant out of your gardening gift packs and also some more general gardening tips.

So, in January, if it's dry enough to get out there, what should you be doing?

1. New Year, New Garden - get set up for Spring, cleaning pots, tools and greenhouses. It’s not the most exciting or thrilling gardening task, but it will set you up for a great growing season.

2. Start planning what you want to do with your garden in the months to come. Now is the time to order seeds and from the warmth of your living room. Our soon to come subscription boxes will also help with your yearly planning.

3. Continue looking after wildlife – put out food for hungry birds and continue to leave some areas of your garden uncut for shelter until the spring.

4. Get a headstart on weeds. Remove any lurking weeds – roots and all– from borders, so you are set for planting time.

5. Time to start the gemination of your Viola seeds, Sweet Pea Seeds and any indoor herbs for the year ahead.


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