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Step into the enchanting world of gardening with our delightful children's book series, "Sam and the Super Sunflower" and "Poppy and the Super Sunflower." These tales are not just stories – they're a gateway to a hands-on adventure that will ignite your child's curiosity and nurture their love for nature. As you journey through the pages, your little one will be captivated by Sam's or Poppy's heartwarming story of growth, friendship, and discovery, all centered around a super sunflower.


But the adventure doesn't end there, you're child will also receive a personalised packet of sunflower seeds, ready to be sown and nurtured by their loving hands. Watch as they embark on their very own sunflower-growing journey, connecting with the wonders of the natural world in a truly hands-on way.


Choose between "Sam and the Super Sunflower" or "Poppy and the Super Sunflower," and to make this experience even more special, personalise the seed packet with your child's name, creating a treasured keepsake that grows alongside their imagination. Spark their love for gardening, cultivate their sense of wonder and let their very own sunflower story blossom and flourish, just like the seeds they'll plant and care for themselves.

Children's Sunflower Growing Book with Personalised Seed Packet


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