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Party bag alternatives

We always hear from parents looking for eco-friendly party bag alternatives. 

It has never been more prevalent in our life, the plastic and waste crisis that we are suffering from now and we want to do our part to help minimise this where possible.

We offer customisable Miracle Maker seeds packs with easy to grow flower or vegetable seeds. You can personalise the pack with your child's name and party message - e.g. 'Thanks for coming to Leo's Party', to make it even more special. We'll also send your child a free Happy Birthday sachet.

Whilst we have set seeds as the Miracle Maker Party Bag Packs, if you'd rather have a different seed used, just get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

Please share your party bag photos on Facebook or Instagram tagging @SomethingPrettyPlants as we love seeing the happiness Miracle Makers brings to your little ones.

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