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Stockist & White Label

Whether you're looking for your own white label, customised seed packets or looking to stock any Something Pretty Plants products, or we are here to help.

White Label/Customised Seed Packets 


We've created lots of personalised 'thank you' or gift packets for businesses and these can be customised with your own message or to reflect your brand. Whatever number you would like and pretty much however you would like them to look, we can help create the perfect solution for you and your business. Just get in touch directly and let's start finding your perfect eco-friendly seed packets.


Stocking Something Pretty Plants Products


We also supply our gift packs and single seed packets to wholesalers wishing to sell Something Pretty or Miracle Maker products. We've included our standard commercial booklet below for gift packs, but if you have other requirements (personalisation, different products etc...) then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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