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10 top tips for Gardening in May

Loads of our friends ask how we know what to do when in the garden. In these new series of gardening tips posts, each month we will look at the top 10 tips for that particular month. We'll be looking at how to use your flower seeds and vegetable seeds. What to plant out of your gardening gift packs and also some more general gardening tips.

So, in May, what should you be doing?

1. Plant out your cosmos and zinnias. If you started to grow these from seed, they should be about ready to be planted out.

2. Add supports for tall-growing border plants.

3. Plant out sweet peas in ground or pots. A lot of our Miracle Maker eco-friendly party bag alternatives have been Sweet Pea seeds, so we imagine a lot of people will be using these this month.

4. Trim lavender, cut off old flower heads about 2.5 cm of the current year's growth.

5. Trim early-flowering clematis. 

6. Keep on top of weeding! Never the most fun task, but essential for a pretty and productive garden.

7. Deadhead your tulips but don't cut back green foliage.

8. Sow salad seeds and basil seeds in the greenhouse. You'll be able to get these from us in the next couple of weeks, Something Pretty...Aromatic

9. Direct sow French Beans, Carrots, Sweetcorn, Squash, Pumpkin if ground warm enough.

10. Watch out for late frosts - protect tender plants. 


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