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A Moment of Calm - But How?

Taking a moment of calm is something that can have a big impact on your day. We all lead such busy lives, where we are used to rushing about from one thing to the next within seconds.

We are so used to having everything immediately accessible which is a great positive: order food at the touch of a button, check out an answer to a question within seconds, stream a newly released film without ever having to leave the house. Whilst this is so convenient and makes life so much easier in many ways, it has helped contribute to a reason that we are all so rushed.

Zooming about non-stop is, in general, a way of life that we are all accustomed to, but it is so important to take a moment to yourself, to breathe and to give yourself chance to clear your mind and take stock.

I am as bad as anyone for always having something buzzing away in my head (not just the bees that are hanging around the garden) and sitting still, taking a moment is not something I find easy. This is where gardening has had a huge impact on my life in helping me to take time to myself, to breathe and to be mindful and in the moment.

This is why I am going to create a series of posts with short tips about how to get the most beneficial experience out of your gardening for your happiness, physical health, mental health and of course for making your garden wonderful too.

Gardening for Wellness Tip 1: Garden with all your senses

Remember your garden isn't solely about how the garden looks, it is easy to get focused on this, but then pressure may build up if it isn't looking as perfect as you would like. Instead of focusing on the finished project, enjoy the journey and truly enjoy it with all your senses.

  • As you work in the gardening concentrate on how the soil feels on your hands, on the different temperatures in the ground as you dig deeper.

  • Listen to the noises around you, are you lucky enough to have birds singing and bees buzzing? How does the spade sound as it cuts through grass, shovels out the soil?

  • What can you smell? Is there a beautiful smell coming from a rosebush, do you have any lavender that immediately brings a sense of relaxation and slumber? How about a herb garden that smells so fresh and zingy? Maybe you could make something from these plants to help with wellness?

  • Tasting is where you need to be careful, as some things are not advisable to eat in the garden. When you pull up that freshly grown radish or carrot from the ground though (wash off the earth) and bite into it, has there ever been a taste more delicious and going back to sound, there is no crunch better on this earth.

  • And finally, sight isn't just about looking at the end product, notice everything in the process. How many different colours are there in your soil? Are the roots deeply into the ground? How intricate are the shapes and groves in all the leaves and petals? Take a mental photograph of your favourite leaf and think about the amount of work that has gone into producing just one single, incredibly intricate piece of life. Remember this for when you need an extra moment of calm.


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