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10 top tips for Gardening in July

Loads of our friends ask how we know what to do when in the garden. In these new series of gardening tips posts, each month we will look at the top 10 tips for that particular month. We'll be looking at how to use your flower seeds and vegetable seeds. What to plant out of your gardening gift packs and also some more general gardening tips.

So, in July, what should you be doing?

1. Be sure to keep all new plantings well-watered: shrubs and trees in particular can need much more water than you’d think.

2. Keep feeding and dead-heading bedding plants to keep the flowers coming. If they start to look tired and straggly, cutting them back, followed by a generous feed, will usually encourage them to try harder.

3. In hot, dry weather, set the mower a bit higher, to keep the lawn looking green. But if it does turn a little brown, don’t panic – it will soon recover once the rain arrives.

4. Snip the tops off climbing beans when they reach the top of their supports, to maximise cropping on the sideshoots.

5. Snap off browning roses just below the head, nip spent heads off day lilies for more blooms the next day

6. Give your houseplants an airing – bringing them outside for a few weeks will do them good, and add a new layer to the garden.

7. Keep sowing seeds for salads, a few at a time, as well as autumn crop peas, turnips and spring cabbages.

8. Start to look at ordering next year's Spring flowering bulbs and seeds

9. It's the last chance to sow any annuals such as cosmos or nigella in the flower beds.

10. Most importantly - take time to enjoy your beautiful gardens.


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