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Top tips for Gardening in November

Loads of our friends ask how we know what to do when in the garden. In these new series of gardening tips posts, each month we will look at the top tips for that particular month. We'll be looking at how to use your flower seeds and vegetable seeds. What to plant out of your gardening gift packs and also some more general gardening tips.

So, in November, if it's dry enough to get out there, what should you be doing?

1. Dahlias and other bulbs should be dug up and stored in a cool, dark area.

2. The ground should be cool enough to plant tulip bulbs. It's best to not plant after a heavy frost or if it is really wet.

3. Clean your garden tools for winter storage. Clean any empty pots that have been hanging around in the garden and then store them in the shed or garage over winter time

4. It's time to fill bird the feeders, the little ones that stay here over the winter will be glad of your treats. Ensure that they are kept clean and well stocked over the coming months to encourage repeat visits from garden birds.

5. You can start to plant seeds - it might sound crazy, but it's true. Start planting your sweet peas for some late winter/early spring colour.

6. Time to order your Gardening Christmas gifts - early in the year is the perfect time to start germinating seeds, so there is nothing better than a seed kit or packet in your stocking.


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