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Eco- Friendly Advent Calendars

The build up to Christmas is always an exciting (slightly stressful) time, and what is more exciting than opening up a little gift every day to build up to the special day.

Traditionally of course, it started with advent candles, transitioning to calendars where you opened a window to see some element of the nativity story, if you had a piece of chocolate in there it was an even bigger bonus as you build up to Christmas Day festivities.

However, in recent years advent calendars have become increasingly prevalent ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Alternative advent calendars have included beauty products, gins, wine, jewellery, candles, even socks... They are truly incredible, but are they really helping with the throwaway culture that now seems to be part of every day life?

Our eco-friendly alternative advent calendar provides the perfect balance, something a little bit different, with an exciting countdown to the day, but also a solution that actively helps to save the planet.

The garden seed advent calendar is an eco-friendly advent calendar that has completely recyclable packaging, can be personalised and includes 24 seed varieties that can be used throughout the following year and beyond. The seeds in the garden seed advent calendar help to save the bees, help you to become more self sufficient and also can contribute to positive mental wellbeing.

To find out more about this alternative advent calendar, just click here: Garden Seed Advent Calendar


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