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Garden Seed Advent Calendar - 2022

As we enter the festive period for 2022, we've been busy working away to ensure that we can create the best garden seed advent calendar for you for this year.

Previously our personalised gardening advent calendar has been incredibly popular and whilst it is great having the full mix of herb, chilli, flower and vegetable seeds, we have noticed that some people have had special requests for just flower advent calendars, or just vegetable seed advent calendars.

Therefore, for 2022, we are launching our brand new

As with our ever popular garden seed advent calendar, there is a choice of box colour and the calendar can be personalised on the box and with a message inside.

Help our planet whilst you celebrate the countdown to Christmas with the range of seed advent calendars that we have created for 2022. It's a great, eco-friendly gift for a friend, loved on, or yourself. All the packaging is recyclable, so in the end all that you will be left with is a beautiful and productive garden!

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