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Miracle Makers Everywhere

We were inspired to create Miracle Makers to encourage children everywhere to get out into the garden to discover the joy of gardening and how exciting seeing that first seedling popping up can be.

'If you want a child to believe in miracles, give them a seed'

With so many children (and adults) being lost to the world of screens it is more important that ever to encourage little minds to go outside and breath in some fresh air. Miracle Makers provides an easy, fun and eco-friendly way to get children actively involved in creating the prettiest spaces.

Bringing butterflies, bees and birds to a garden is also another for of magic and miracles. By simply planting the right things, in the right places - we can help build a beautiful and sustainable world. By getting involved and purchasing one of our (soon to come to the market) subscription boxes, you don't have to do the work and research the right seeds to plant. We will provide a seasonal box with the right seeds and the eco-friendly biodegradable packaging to make it as easy as possible.

We want to spread happiness, joy, energy and enthusiasm with Miracle Makers and would love to see the miracles your little ones create. Just share on social media tagging @somethingprettyplants and #MiracleMakers and we will be able to see what you are creating.

We can't wait to see your miracles.


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