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Parties to Save the Planet

Party Bag Alternatives

We all understand that every child deserves a birthday party, and a party bag is the essential part to help

celebrate your child's most important day. However, with so many parties happening everyday, surely there is a better solution to the magnificent amount of plastic that we give out daily and ends up in landfill shortly after.

We would never suggest not having party bags - from what we remember, party bags is one of the most exciting things about going to your friend's party, but what if there was an eco-friendly party bag alternative? Better than that, party bag alternatives that can help enhance our natural environment.

Eco-Friendly Party Bag Ideas

Well that is where Something Pretty and Miracle Makers comes in. We create eco-friendly party bag alternatives that ensure your child can have the best party and give their friends a memory to keep the party alive for months after. Our personalised seed packets take it one step further, making the 'party bag' clearly state who it is from. The personalised party bag seed packets contain easy to grow seeds, so when your child's friends plants their seeds, they will grow quickly and help everyone remember the happy party day.

The best thing is, it doesn't stop at kids parties, we've created party bag seeds for hen parties, 30th birthday parties and so much more. Whatever you want, we'll have a flower or veg seed that represents your story and it will always be personal to you!

Check out our personalised party bag alternatives and if there is something else you're looking for that we don't stock, let us know and we'll find a way to source it for you.

Save the planet with your parties!



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