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Seeds to Plant in October

As the weather gets colder, it does not mean that the miracle of gardening and seeing your plants grow from seed is over. We've just outlined below our top seeds to sow in October to help you continue to enjoy your growing journey:

Seeds to grow inside - October

Chilli Seeds

Basil Seeds

Coriander Seeds

Lemon Balm Seeds

Mint Seeds

Parsley Seeds

Seeds to grow outside - October

Peas (winter hardy ones)

Broad Beans

Wildflower Seeds

Poppy Seeds

Cornflower Seeds

Seeds to grow in a coldstore - October

Sweet Pea Seeds

Lettuce Leaves (winter hardy ones)

Spring Onion Seeds

There are hundreds of other varieties that you can sow at this time of year too - but this is a good start. Also, don't forget to plant your spring bulbs at this time of year too.

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