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Tips for Gardening in a Small Garden

We often get asked for advice on which flower seeds and vegetable seeds to grow in small spaces, or with no garden at all. So we thought it would be useful for us to create a short series of blog posts looking at our top tips for gardening in small spaces (gardens, balconies, yards, inside only).

Our first post in this series is looking at top tips for gardening in a small garden and our top tips are listed below


Walls, garages, the side of a fence, they have a use, but why not make them beautiful or productive too! Use climbers like Passion Flowers to grow on trellis along fences and walls to create a wall of green all year round and dazzling flowers throughout the summer. 2. ADD TREES

Trees help to contribute to the height of your garden. Structural trees that grow tall with high leaves. Weeping trees (like cherry trees and willows) are probably not ideal, as, whilst they look beautiful will reduce the amount of useable space in your garden. Smaller trees such as Flamingo trees (Salix) or small Olive Trees, create colour and structure, without taking up a large amount of space.


Having areas of bold, bright colour can help draw the eye and make a small garden appear lighter and bigger.

Colours such as yellows, oranges and pinks will brighten up corners of your garden. Flowers such as rudbeckia, antirrhinum and sweet peas are a great and easy to grow option.

4. USE POTS AND CONTAINERS Pots are great for small trees or flowering bedding plants, this is especially important in a small space, as you can revamp your garden design in minutes!

Pots can be used for multiple reasons, such as flowers, herbs, vegetables and chillies. Good vegetables to grow in pots would be plants that grow tall rather than vegetables that grow underground, e.g.: Tomatoes, beans, peas, peppers, chillies, and most herbs

5. PRIVACY Install an arch/structure to create a secluded seating area, that you can sit on and view your whole garden space. Cover the arch with climbing flowers, such as Ipomoea (Morning Glory), Thunbergia, Clematis or Jasmine. Whilst this will not make the garden feel larger, it will give you a private space to enjoy your garden from, with little worry about being overlooked as you are beneath your ceiling of flowers.

Next week we will be recommending our top tips for a beautiful and productive balcony garden.


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