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What to do in your Vegetable Garden in May?

May is the time where your vegetable garden is really ready to take shape. After all your careful preparation over the last couple of months, you can (almost) start to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Here are our top few tips to get your veg patch/allotment/garden all set up and ready for feeding you throughout the summer, and beyond!

  • Now is time to harvest asparagus spears when they are no more than 18 cm tall.

  • If you've direct-sown vegetables such as carrot and lettuce, start to thin out the seedlings.

  • As long as the frosts have past, it is time to harden off outdoor your tomatoes, courgettes and pumpkins for planting in the patch early next month.

  • Weed around your onions and garlic to reduce competition for nutrients and water.

  • Get your patch set up with supports for peas and beans using bamboo canes. You can easily make frames yourself using string, with no need for expensive frames.

  • And most importantly, at this time - keep on top of weeding - weeds will compete for precious water, light and nutrients.

  • You can still plant your herb, chilli and tomato seeds it pots, whether growing indoors or planning to transplant outdoors later. Keep them inside for a faster germination and nurture well to ensure the seedlings grow as quickly as possible!

Check back in June for the best things to be doing in your vegetable and flower gardens in June.


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