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What to do with your Flowerbeds and Pots in May

As the days last longer and we finally start to feel some heat in the sun, we also can start to see some colour appearing in our gardens. All your hard work and preparation over the last couple of months will finally start to pay off as you see the flowers start blossoming, but a garden is never truly finished, and below we've outlined some key tasks to do in the flower garden in May.

  1. Harden off half-hardy plants by leaving them outside during the day and bringing them back under cover at night for 7 to 10 days before planting outdoors.

  2. Plant summer hanging baskets, adding good-quality compost and choosing some beautiful flowers to create the ideal display. We'd recommend some petunias.

  3. Divide hostas as they come into growth, they will be easier to move at this stage

  4. Trim back spreading plants such as alyssum and candytuft after they’ve flowered, to encourage fresh new growth and more blooms.

  5. Train your sweet peas to encourage them to climb.

  6. Prune spring-flowering shrubs after flowering.

  7. Cut back your choiysa's (that have flowered) this will encourage a second flush of flowers in autumn.

  8. Feed and water container plants

  9. Inspect plants for pests and diseases - early prevention is much easier than cure.

  10. Continue to weed beds and borders to prevent competition for water and nutrients.


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