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This personalised Grow Your Own Wellness Garden pack is the perfect eco-friendly gift. The varieties of seeds have been specially selected to grow plants to help enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. They can also be grown in gardens, small outdoor spaces or indoors all year round.


The wellness garden gift set also includes ideas and recipes for each plant to show to get the most out of them in order to improve wellbeings.


Most importantly, the Grow Your Own Wellness Garden gift set can be personalised to make the gift a little more special.


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Something Pretty Nurturing Grow Your Own Wellness Garden

PriceFrom £12.45
  • The Grow Your Own Wellness Garden Gift Set includes 4 seed varieties, compost discs, biodegradable plant pots, plant labels, wellness recipes and ideas. The seed varieties included are: 

    Lemon Balm Seeds - Approximately 50 seeds per pack

    Lavender Seeds - Approximately 20 seeds per pack

    Basil Seeds - Approximately 30 seeds per pack

    Rosemary Seeds - Approximately 50 seeds per pack


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