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Introducing our innovative Garden Seed Calendar, a personalised journey through the seasons that brings the beauty of nature and the delight of gardening right to your doorstep.


With each passing month, you'll receive a carefully chosen packet of seeds perfectly timed for sowing, ensuring your garden flourishes in sync with the changing tapestry of the year.


Choose between two options: the Flower Calendar, a symphony of colours and scents that will adorn your space with breathtaking blooms, or the Allotment Calendar, an edible adventure that yields a bounty of homegrown goodness.


Make the calendar unique by adding a personalised name to the calendar.


Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, our Garden Seed Calendar is your passport to a year-round connection with nature.


Elevate your gardening game, savour the anticipation of each month's surprise, and watch your personalised oasis come to life, one seed at a time.

Personalised Garden Seed Calendar


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