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Eco-Friendly gardening gifts

for any occasion

Personalised Seed Packets and Gardening Gift Sets

We believe that the magic of gardening begins with a single seed! We are not your average seed company; we are storytellers, miracle makers, and creators of personalised garden seed gifts for both adults and children alike.


Imagine gifting someone their very own slice of nature's wonder—a tiny seed that holds within it the promise of vibrant colours, fragrant blooms, and the joy of nurturing life. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a first-time planter, we are here to bring the joy of gardening right to your doorstep.


What truly sets us apart is our commitment to making gardening accessible to everyone. We embrace the playful spirit of children and the young at heart, fostering a love for nature that transcends age. Gardening with our seeds becomes a delightful journey of discovery, where every sprout is a triumph, and every blossom a celebration.


So, whether you're seeking the magic of sunflowers, the crunch of a home grown cucumber, or the charm of wildflowers, let Something Pretty Plants be your guide to creating a garden that reflects you and your dreams.

Let's grow together and make the world a prettier place, one seed at a time. Happy planting!

Something Pretty... Inspiring - some of our top sellers

Something Pretty... Kind - some lovely feedback



Absolutely thrilled with my order. Arrived quickly and I was even more happy that my request for a teaching assistant was done 😊 fab! Thank you so much x



Purchased a bee and butterfly pack as a gift and just had to get some seeds for myself too. Lovely packaging and personalisation and such a fab idea. Thank you



Absolutely love these! Loads of compliments for these well-produced, imaginative, plastic-free party bag fillers.
We planted our free packet (peas) and they're growing beautifully - thank you!!



Received my teacher presents. Amazing. Will defo be ordering again. Thanks so much to Jess and team. My little girl is made up and can't wait to give to teachers. Merry Christmas



What a fab addition to my daughter's birthday party bags. Definitely better than bog-standard plastic useless toy :) Thank you. Highly recommended!

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